Teach Toileting - Potty Training Autsim, Toilet Training Autism

Praise for Debbie Bialer's Method of Potty Training Autistic Children

"When Debbie originally approached me, I was both skeptical and hopeful. I had so many children who were so very hard to toilet train that I was not helping them (or their parents) by recommending the usual approaches. Initially, I cautiously referred one or two families to Debbie who, at first, went to the families’ homes and then coached them by phone. I followed up with the families to see if the method worked. It worked! I sent a few more families. It worked again. Then she started simply coaching families by phone. It still worked. Two years and dozens of successful families later, I am confident that the Teach Toileting approach can help most of the most resistant children. I highly recommend this book."

--- Richard Solomon MD, Medical Director
Ann Arbor Center for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

"Tyler, age 7, is Autistic, non-verbal and requires the utmost patience and constant supervision. I had tried several methods for potty training unsuccessfully. I received a copy of Debbie Bialer's book and read the entire thing before starting the program. Tyler is now initiating going pee in the potty 95% of the time. I recommend the book and program to any parent who is having to potty train a special needs child."

--- Debbie Featheringill, Adrian, MI

"Debbie's method was unlike any I've ever tried or heard of to potty train my 5 1/2-yr-old daughter with FG Syndrome. It actually teaches the child to understand WHERE to go when they have the need to pee and poop, rather than teaching them a habit with a reward system. I was thrilled with the successful results. Debbie knows exactly what these kids need to do. When my daughter got it, she really got it, and there have not been any accidents since. She is a real pro and my daughter is now completely trained after two months. Thank you, Debbie!"

--- Amy Kesler, Rochester, Michigan

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